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Brewery Insurance in Queens and New York, New York

Protecting Brewers​, Distillers, and Vinters in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

Craft brewing, distilling, and making wines are all distinct tasks and the brewers, distillers, and vintners that take on these tasks work in unique industries.  The risks that accompany the production of beers, spirits, and wines are many and these risks are diverse.  For this reason and others it is important that the people who make craft beverages have protection from the costs that can accompany these risks if the risks become realities. 

At JFA Insurance Brokerage and Associates we have a specialized craft brewers program that protects craft beverage businesses from risks that are unique to their industries and to their individual operations.  Packages that we offer as a part of this program are customized to each client and match each client’s budget.  Our agents help each client minimize risks and reduce costs over time.  


Coverages Tailored to your Operation's and Needs

There are standard coverages that every business should have, including those for property, employee, structure, and general liabilities.  There are broad, industry-specific coverages that every craft beverage business should have like those for spoilage and contamination.  Also, there are operation-specific coverages that each craft beverage business should have, like boiler and machinery coverage and raw materials coverage. 

These and other coverages are essential to fully protecting any individual operation.  At JFA Insurance our agents can help you select the right coverages for your business and arrange these coverages in an optimal plan.  This plan will help keep you secure and will be adaptable; you change it readily if you need to. 

We work with many insurance carriers, and each of these carriers adds to the coverage choices that we offer clients.  Significant amounts of choice help clients customize their plans.  Customization, as we tell our clients, is essential to ensuring that a plan is optimal.   

The coverage options we offer inculde: 


·         Property

·         General liability

·         Workers compensation

·         Business auto

·         Umbrella liability

·         Loss of business income and Extra Expense

·         Crime and employee theft

·         Equipment breakdown

·         Directors and officers liability (D&O)

·         Employment practices liability (EPL)

·         Employee benefits liability


Operation-specific coverages are also available and these coverages are essential to making a policy’s protection complete. For example, if a brewer, distiller, or vintner operates a restaurant or service establishment of some kind as a part of his or her craft beverage business, he or she will need a specific endorsement for restaurants.  There are other endorsements that each client can select for his or her specific operation, and these endorsements will protect against distinct exposures. 

Our agents will work with you to identify the right coverages and endorsements for your policy.  Our agents will also arrange these coverages in a way the gives you opportunities to take advantage of benefits and discounts that save you money.  


Working with JFA Insurance Brokerage & Associates

The detail necessary in any craft beverage insurance policy is great, and ensuring that this detail is present can be challenging..  At JFA Insurance, our agents know craft beverage industries, craft beverage businesses, and the risks that each craft beverage business owner faces. 

Our agents conduct in-depth assessments of each client’s needs and operations and these assessments enable agents to identify the right coverages for any client’s policy.  In addition, each agent keeps his or her clients informed, which helps the clients prepare for claims and make the best decisions regarding their insurance.  If and when claims are filed, each agent guides his or her clients through resolution processes and helps resolve claims quickly. 

If you would like to speak to an agent, please contact us or call us.  You can request a quote to get started on a policy. 

JFA Insurance Brokerage & Associates Inc. is proud to provide craft beverage insurance in Bayside, New York, and Brooklyn, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Stamford, CT; and Clifton, NJ.  We also serve other areas in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey and are licensed nationwide. 

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