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Restaurant Insurance in Queens and New York, NY

Protecting Your Restaurant from Risk

Your restaurant, franchise fast food, night club, bar, tavern or hookah lounge may share some characteristics with other establishments but we look at each entity as is own special risk because no two businesses are alike.  We will customize an insurance program for your entity that fits your unique needs.  Because of our vast experience in the restaurant, franchise fast food, night club, bar, tavern and lounge industry we can provide you with a custom tailored proposal for your business in a matter of hours, not days!  Our custom packages for the restaurant, franchise fast food, night club, bar, tavern or hookah lounges include but are not limited to:

  • Crime – restaurants carry a lot of cash, and as such, they can be targets for thieves.
  • Property damage – even the most safely operated kitchen can be susceptible to the unexpected accident. With flammable oils and open flames, the possibility for a fire can be high.
  • Customer liability – sometimes a spilled drink or meal can create a hazard. If a customer slips and injures himself, he could hold you liable for medical expenses.
  • Product liability – sometimes ingredients can spoil without a chef or cook being aware. If spoiled food is served and a customer becomes ill, your restaurant would be at fault and made to pay damages.
  • Liquor liability – Like every state, New York has rules stipulating the operation of businesses that serve alcohol. Bars and restaurants need to ensure that owners, operators, and employees are in compliance with state liquor laws.
  • Commercial auto – company-owned vehicles for catering or delivery are an important asset to your business and should be protected.
  • Workers Compensation – workers can injure themselves in a variety of ways while on the job. Sometimes an accidental burn or cut can prevent an employee from working for an extended period of time. In these instances, workers compensation protects both the employee and the business.

The restaurant, franchise fast food, night club, bar, tavern and hookah lounge industry has been a predominant line of business in our office over the last 30 years.  Come and join our experts.  We will treat you like family!

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JFA Insurance has been our broker for over 20 years. They have provided us with exceptional service and competitive pricing. Three thumbs way up! Max Klimavicius Sardi's Restaurant
Max Klimavicius CEO Sardis Restaurant
Francine Salomon and the JFA Insurance team give you a high level of service along with expert knowledge . They are a pleasure to work with ! Lisa Marcus CEO Symphony Fabrics Inc.
Lisa Marcus CEO Symphony Fabrics
would like the say that this is one of the best insurance company experiences that I have had since expanding. The company always has a hands on approach with their clients which is very important in my industry and the customer service has been excellent!!!! Robert 'Don Pooh' Cummins, CEO of DPMG
Robert Cummins
My decision to have JFA handle all our insurance needs was one that will continue to bring me benefits long into my future career opportunities. The Staff is both professional and personal. Without them I would have drowned in unnecessary claims and fees. Doris Richards, Controller of Golden Corral Franchises
Doris Richards